Yesterday, Sept. 5, 2012 - a date which will live in infamy - J. Grant was suddenly and deliberately buttfuriated by internet forces of the website OPERATORchan.

J. Grant was at peace with that website and, at the solicitation of AC556Guy, was still in conversation with the mods and its users looking toward the the release of the webcomic Failure to Fire.

Indeed, one hour after Jedi Dachsund had leaked the comics in question, the users of OPERATORchan delivered to J. Grant a formal set of critiques on his work. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing webcomic, it contained no threat or hint of furthered attack.

It will be recorded that the existence of a giant vulnerability in the FtF website makes it obvious that J. Grant cannot into web security. During the intervening time, OPERATORchan has deliberately sought to amuse themselves with the failings of J. Grant by statements and expressions humor and "lol".

The leak yesterday of the comics has caused severe butthurt to J. Grant and his colleagues. Much of his pride has been lost. In addition, J. Grant has been reported as wanting to give Jedi Dachsund a "cock slamming [in] the back of [his] throat".

Yesterday, the users of OPERATORchan also launched an attack against J. Grant's testicular fortitude.

Last night, OPERATORchan lol'd at J. Grant.

Last night, J. Grant got pissy.

Last night, J. Grant lashed out at the users.

Last night, J. Grant issued a DMCA takedown notice.

This morning, the mods took down the comics after telling J. Grant to "pound sand".

J. Grant has, therefore, made quite the scene by getting butthurt over unsecured comics being leaked. The facts of yesterday speak for themselves. The people of OPERATORchan have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very survival and continuation of the webcomic.

As a user of OPERATORchan , I have stood with my fellow users in lampooning & critiquing J. Grant's work.

Always will we remember the character J. Grant's buttmand.

No matter how long it may take us to forget about this terrible webcomic, the OPERATORchan users in their righteous might will forever remember J. Grant's rectal rage.

I believe I interpret the will of the OPERATORCHAN users when I assert that we will not only stand up for ourselves and stand behind our mods, but will make very certain that this form of lulziness shall happen again, should the situation present itself.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that J. Grant is severely anally angered.

With confidence in our website - with the unbounding determination of our userbase - we will have the final word - so help us God.

I ask that the Mods declare that since the fortuitous and clever leak by Jedi Dachsund on Wednesday, Sept. 5, a state of lulz has existed between the users of OPERATORchan and J. Grant